Katja Virtanen

Katja Virtanen

Thanks, we’ll stay as we are!


The end of the year for companies is typically a time for taking stock of different issues. As the focus turns to the new year, new strategies and plans are thought about on the basis of the current year’s successes and failures. Delingua is no exception: we too are reaching conclusions and excited about what 2020 will bring.

The source and inspiration for everything we do is the customer. For that reason, we evaluate our success as a service provider on the basis of the feedback we receive daily as well as the responses to our extensive feedback questionnaire carried out every November. We compare the results with previous years and evaluate if our chosen direction is the right one and what course corrections we should make.

In this connection, I want to thank everyone who participated in our questionnaire. Your valuable feedback will help us develop our operations!

Our desire for and expertise in customer service

Last year, we started the DelinguaCX campaign, which aims to improve customers’ experience as well as their image of us and our services. I am delighted to say that good customer experience and understanding customers’ daily business were both recurring themes in the responses to this year’s extensive feedback questionnaire.

We received a lot of praise for our speed, solution-focused and active approach and willingness to develop and listen to the customer, which according to many respondents is seen throughout our operations. As many as 95% of close to five hundred respondents would recommend us to others. We are quick, easy-to-approach professionals and we get things done. Particularly pleasing for me is one customer’s comment that, while we are professional, we have managed to retain a personal touch.

Thanks for the tremendous customer service attitude belongs especially to our language service team that tirelessly responds to our customers’ urgent requests and demanding wishes.

We also humbly accept all constructive feedback. In accordance with our quality system, we also process even the smallest exceptions to our service and consider corrective and preventive actions for the future. I hope that from now on you will give feedback readily so that we can refine our service to respond even better to customer needs.

A professional brand - acting accordingly

Last year, we spent some time rethinking Delingua’s marketing. Our stated wish was to be professional without being boring. We thought about how we could provide high quality while at the same time bring joy to our customers’ experience of us.

Although we have occasionally agonised over the topics for our newsletters and click-through rates, it came as something of a small surprise that our customers' image of us is exactly what we have wanted to communicate. Customers praise our visibility and fresh approach to promoting language services as well as our professional operations, which is also a key element of our brand. The #DelinguaStory newspaper published in the spring has also been well received, which is particularly pleasing for me as it tells my whole story as an entrepreneur.

I want to warmly thank the marketing team for their wonderful work and our customers who, for their part, have helped in the development of our marketing.

“Stay just as you are!”

Next year, Delingua celebrates its 15th anniversary. Over the years, we have grown, according to the responses of our customers, into perhaps Finland’s best known language services company. I am more than proud of what we are and what we have achieved. We are driven by a desire for great customer service and professionalism in the language industry without unnecessary gimmicks, and that clearly produces results. This year saw us continue our profitable growth, and our number of customers has also once again increased significantly. 

The secret of our success lies in the fact that there is no secret at all. We do our work with a personal touch and we are always looking for ways to serve our customers better. Our work community is without comparison and we very often have a lot of fun!

That’s why I am not hyping great new changes for next year. Our service is not radically changing and we are not overpromising on what we can do. For us, it's easy to respond in the affirmative to a request from one of our customers in our feedback questionnaire:

“Stay just as you are. The quality and customer service are really first class.”

I would like to warmly thank all of Delingua’s customers, cooperation partners and the world’s best team for the past year, and I wish you all joy and success in 2020!