Translators without Borders works at the heart of crisis communications

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During crises, language and communications play a significant role. In crisis communications, it is crucial that information is available in the languages of all the people who need it, so that important messages are understood correctly. The coronavirus pandemic, which has shaken the world this spring, has vastly increased crisis communications. Governments, organisations, employers and schools now have to think about how they communicate in a situation that affects everyone’s safety. In the international #LocFromHome online conference in April, the flood of communications caused by the...

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How can a language service provider help your website succeed?

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A large amount of any organisation’s content these days is digital and published online. It is therefore a very attractive idea to start targeting other markets and looking for business outside one’s home base simply by publishing a website or webshop in another language. However, content in a foreign language is not enough if it cannot be found by search engines. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. The higher you rank in results pages, the more traffic, clicks and, ultimately, sales your site will generate. When it comes to successful multilingual and...

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Frequently asked questions about translation and language services

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Our translation service handles tens of thousands of translation orders a year, therefore we also receive many questions that we are always happy to answer. We have collected together for your benefit the most frequently asked questions about translation and language services.

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Legal translation – How to succeed

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In my work, I meet customers weekly and I assess their translation needs. Delingua receives dozens of new translation assignments every day. In this connection, I often hear “I could have translated the text myself if only I had the time” or “We translate texts ourselves, because...”. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the customer doing their own translations—they are the best expert when it comes to their own field and their own texts. The result is probably good enough or at least not too bad. Translation is often regarded—and quite contrary to the reality—as a simple matter. After...

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