Finland’s EU Presidency - as seen by interpreters

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Finland’s third EU Presidency is coming to an end. Our interpreters have interpreted at dozens of EU Presidency conferences, meetings and conventions. We have had the chance to contribute to seamless communication among the participants.

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Voicing the Greats through Simultaneous Interpreting

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This autumn, Nordic Business Forum brings together under one roof around 7500 visitors from over 40 different countries. Delingua has been the interpreting partner for the conference for quite some time and, over the years, our interpreters have interpreted some real global stars. But what is it like to interpret for them?

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Interpreting during the EU Presidency

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Finland’s third EU Presidency began on 1 July 2019. For Finns, the most visible signs of the EU Presidency might be the various informal ministerial meetings and other events and occasions. One of the EU’s fundamental principles is multilingualism and, as a result, the EU Presidency, which rotates among the EU Member States every six months in a certain order, means an increased workload for language professionals, too.

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Interpreter to the presidents

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A high-level delegation from South Korea arrived in Finland in June to take part in the networking event Korea-Finland Startup Summit 2019. The delegation included South Korean officials, such as the president Moon Jae-in, start-ups, large companies and investors. Delingua had the pleasure of organising the interpreting for the event, and our Korean-English interpreter Eun-Kyeong Ko was present to interpret for both the South Korean and Finnish presidents. We interviewed Eun-Kyeong and we asked her what it was like to provide interpreting at such a high political level.

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Preparation is the key in interpreting

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A conference interpreter sits focused in an interpreting booth and interprets the speeches at an international seminar for the Finnish audience. Somewhere else at the same time, a community interpreter is present when a police officer is questioning someone suspected of a crime. A third interpreter is on a visit with a business delegation where new products are being presented to interested potential buyers. All interpreters handle their work with professional skill.

At its best, those listening aren’t even aware they’re hearing an interpreter. That is how smoothly and naturally the...

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Carried away by the speaker – being an interpreter at Nordic Business Forum

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Nordic Business Forum is the largest annual business seminar in the Nordic countries. Delingua’s interpreters will again take care of the on-site and live stream interpreting at this mega event this year. What is it like for the interpreters?

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