Katja Virtanen

Katja Virtanen

Let’s keep up the good work!

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Once again, it’s that time of year when we make plans for the future, take stock of our successes this year and review where we have room for improvement in the year to come. In addition to our daily requests for feedback on translations, interpreting and language training, every year in November, we carry out an extensive feedback survey and compare the results with previous years. I would like to thank everyone who responded to our survey for their valuable feedback.


Top-class customer experience

Year after year, the survey results are unambiguous. A hugely impressive 99.1% of the 445 customers who responded to the survey were satisfied with the overall service they had received. As many as 96.2% would recommend Delingua to others. What clearly sets us apart from our competitors is our top-class customer service, speed and a genuine desire to develop our operations. We are regarded as flexible, professional and extremely approachable. One of our customers noted that Delingua is the only translation agency that really gets things done.

The survey results also included constructive suggestions for improvement. In the light of these results, the quality of our translations has not declined; however, especially during peak periods, more attention needs to be paid to managing terms and ensuring the fluency of texts. We are extremely grateful for the comments as only with the aid of feedback can we improve our performance. We have planned corrective and preventive actions and we promise to pay more attention to the issues raised by our customers.


DelinguaCX work will continue

As we are genuinely interested in our customers’ needs and our continuous improvement, we recently organised a DelinguaCX customer experience workshop that was based on service design. The workshop was facilitated by a service designer and, together with our customers, we discussed Delingua’s services, service process, the quality of customer encounters and communications. Through insightful brainstorming, we looked for ideas on how to improve our cooperation even further.

Many customers thanked us for organising this customer experience workshop, which gives us encouragement to continue with DelinguaCX customer experience analysis in various ways next year, too. Our goal is to bring the language service customer experience to a whole new level despite the fact that some workshop participants thought it might be difficult to find ways of improving something that is already good. I would like to thank all the participants and I hope that next year’s DelinguaCX will reach even more customers—both new and existing ones.


This is what Delingua is all about

In these last weeks of the year, we have also organised internal strategy sessions and workshops and made plans for the future. For instance, our marketing team recently looked into ways of making Delingua’s message clearer. On the basis of the feedback we receive, we know with some accuracy what sets us apart from our competitors. But what is the image that we want to project and what kind of attitude are we presenting?

After some brainstorming and tossing ideas, even wild ones, back and forth, our Sales Manager Anu looked at my shoes and that was it: Delingua is like the bunny sneakers by Minna Parikka. We are professional without being boring. We want to be known for high quality while at the same time bringing joy and colour to the lives of our customers and partners and to the customer and partner experience we create. As a customer said when asked what sets us apart from others: “look & feel”.

I’m proud of who we are and how our customers see us. So, I won’t promise anything completely new and amazing or entries into new fields in the coming year. I won’t promise that there is something incredibly fabulous on the way or that I’m looking forward to next year more than I have looked forward to every day at Delingua throughout my entire career as an entrepreneur. My hope is we keep up the good work and improve all the time—according to our customers’ wishes.

I would like to extend my warmest thanks for 2018 to all of Delingua’s customers and partners and the world’s best team, and I wish all of you the very best for 2019!