Laura Pesonen

Laura Pesonen

Language? But of Course!

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Picture this: you feel your language skills are not up to par, yet once more you need to get back down to the old grind and utilize a second language in your work. Sound at all familiar?

You can’t expect everyone to spend their time off reading and writing, especially if it’s in another language. The world is full of competent professionals who simply do not want to use a foreign language in their line of work, but they have to.

Luckily, in many cases people tend to underestimate their abilities. This is especially the case in Finland, where many are bi or trilingual, and true polyglots are not uncommon either. For these people, a short course or two is usually all that is needed to get them to loosen up and enjoy their work – after all, it’s not their skills that are lacking, they’re just being too hard on themselves!

But what about those who legitimately need to brush up on their skills? That’s a bit more challenging, but certainly solutions exist. In many fields, the language used is specialized. This often leads to situations where you may actually have a wide vocabulary for your own field in another language, such as with English for those in the tech industry and Italian for classical musicians.

In these instances, courses that factor in the special interests of these seasoned professionals are part and parcel of an efficient and enjoyable language learning process. The advantage of specialized training is that it is designed to meet the needs of the group that attends it, ensuring it is the most efficient way to learn. Another option is open training courses, which offer a more generalized approach but are perfect for a quick fix.

By far, the best bet for learning a language, whether from scratch or to build up on existing skills, is by having fun. With a course that focuses on topics its participants are keen on, you can’t really go wrong!

Delingua organizes both tailored and open trainings with our skilled and enthusiastic language trainers. Learn more about our upcoming open trainings here.

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Language? But of Course!