Katja Virtanen

Katja Virtanen

Welcome to Linguadeli!


I am one of those who thinks reading an interesting blog on a laptop, in the embrace of a comfy armchair, with a warm latte in hand, is among the greatest pleasures in life. In my busy life, I sometimes find these small moments dedicated to reading and make the most of them at one of my favourite cafés.

We wanted to provide such reading moments when we started renewing our blog. We want to offer our readers more regularly even better content on translation, interpreting, language training, and a lot more besides. The language industry is packed with interesting topics we want to serve up like small espressos at your corner café.

We also gave our renewed blog a more interesting name. Linguadeli comes from the time before Delingua was established. As a cooking enthusiast, I was thinking of the names “kielideli” and “linguadeli” for my business before my spouse came up with the name Delingua. I’m glad, as Linguadeli is a much better fit for a blog!

I’m not writing this blog by myself. I will have many amazing industry professionals blogging with me, as well as my great colleagues. I am especially enthusiastic to hear what our new colleague Kielikoutsi (Language Coach) has to say. Even though we Finns speak relatively good English, Kielikoutsi’s task is to train us towards even better language skills and help us avoid the pitfalls of learning a language.

On behalf of the entire kielikoutsicrew, I want to wish you an enjoyable reading experience at Linguadeli!