Katri Conniffe

Katri Conniffe

Delingua helps Fastroi go global

customer experience, localisation

When a company plans to internationalise, one of the most important issues is the ability to communicate in other languages. Fastroi LTD knows this. Fastroi is an innovative system supplier that produces wireless data collection solutions for ERP systems in healthcare, social welfare and housing services. The company, which currently has operations in Finland in Joensuu, Espoo and Tampere, is now bravely on its way to taking its expertise to the world. 

 “Fastroi is going through a year of great change. We are now working on the new Real-Time Care™ system that can be configured, for example, to meet the needs of housing and home service environments. Our internationalisation project is coming along in leaps and bounds, and we are strongly investing in the development of the new software. In all of our operations development, we try to ensure that we are ready for the international market,” says Fastroi’s Marketing and Communications Director Johanna Tanninen. 

 “An ageing population and shrinking care personnel resources create challenges for states, municipalities and for healthcare worldwide. Therefore, it is natural for us to target also international markets as well. However, Finland will still remain our main market area. We already have partners in the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain, and we are carrying out market studies also in other countries. We have presented our product at trade shows and taken part in several tendering processes in countries such as the United Kingdom.” 

In addition to software, Delingua has localised Fastroi’s marketing materials and web pages. When it comes to localising marketing material, the process involves translation but also taking into consideration the culture of the target country. 

 “For us, the quality of the software localisation is extremely important, as is providing product information to users in their native language online and in product presentations. The high-quality localisation of the social and healthcare industry concepts helps us in our internationalisation process.”