Translators without Borders works at the heart of crisis communications

translation, localisation

During crises, language and communications play a significant role. In crisis communications, it is crucial that information is available in the languages of all the people who need it, so that important messages are understood correctly. The coronavirus pandemic, which has shaken the world this spring, has vastly increased crisis communications. Governments, organisations, employers and schools now have to think about how they communicate in a situation that affects everyone’s safety. In the international #LocFromHome online conference in April, the flood of communications caused by the...

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How can a language service provider help your website succeed?

SEO, translation, translation agency, ISEO, marketing

A large amount of any organisation’s content these days is digital and published online. It is therefore a very attractive idea to start targeting other markets and looking for business outside one’s home base simply by publishing a website or webshop in another language. However, content in a foreign language is not enough if it cannot be found by search engines. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. The higher you rank in results pages, the more traffic, clicks and, ultimately, sales your site will generate. When it comes to successful multilingual and...

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Thanks, we’ll stay as we are!


The end of the year for companies is typically a time for taking stock of different issues. As the focus turns to the new year, new strategies and plans are thought about on the basis of the current year’s successes and failures. Delingua is no exception: we too are reaching conclusions and excited about what 2020 will bring.

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Finland’s EU Presidency - as seen by interpreters

interpreter, interpreter and interpreting

Finland’s third EU Presidency is coming to an end. Our interpreters have interpreted at dozens of EU Presidency conferences, meetings and conventions. We have had the chance to contribute to seamless communication among the participants.

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Delingua awarded with the Strongest in Finland Platinum certificate

translation agency

Suomen Asiakastieto Oy has once again awarded Delingua with the Strongest in Finland Platinum certificate. The Strongest in Finland certificate is only awarded to those companies whose Rating Alfa classification has been AAA or AA+ for at least three consecutive years. Delingua has been in the highest credit rating category for 13 consecutive years. This is a great achievement as only about 8% of Finnish companies meet the long-standing criteria for Platinum certification.

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Voicing the Greats through Simultaneous Interpreting

interpreter and interpreting

This autumn, Nordic Business Forum brings together under one roof around 7500 visitors from over 40 different countries. Delingua has been the interpreting partner for the conference for quite some time and, over the years, our interpreters have interpreted some real global stars. But what is it like to interpret for them?

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Interpreting during the EU Presidency

interpreter and interpreting

Finland’s third EU Presidency began on 1 July 2019. For Finns, the most visible signs of the EU Presidency might be the various informal ministerial meetings and other events and occasions. One of the EU’s fundamental principles is multilingualism and, as a result, the EU Presidency, which rotates among the EU Member States every six months in a certain order, means an increased workload for language professionals, too.

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Interpreter to the presidents

interpreter and interpreting

A high-level delegation from South Korea arrived in Finland in June to take part in the networking event Korea-Finland Startup Summit 2019. The delegation included South Korean officials, such as the president Moon Jae-in, start-ups, large companies and investors. Delingua had the pleasure of organising the interpreting for the event, and our Korean-English interpreter Eun-Kyeong Ko was present to interpret for both the South Korean and Finnish presidents. We interviewed Eun-Kyeong and we asked her what it was like to provide interpreting at such a high political level.

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How to Small Talk – Five Tips for Finns

trainer and language training

You just heard from your boss that you’ve been chosen to attend an international meeting in Madrid. You’re immediately flattered and excited for the opportunity. After the initial excitement passes, however, you start to think about it a bit more. A slight fear starts to creep in. You begin to realize that, while there, you must have conversations with people you barely know about unimportant topics. You must be polite and social though you know you won’t feel like being either. In short, you must learn to do the thing that Finns dread most: You must learn how to small talk.

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The fastest translation agency in the pit lane

language technology, translator and translating

A few years ago, I was at a conference where project management in translation agencies was being discussed. You know, what steps take place in a translation agency from receiving a source text to the delivery of the final translation. The service process may appear simple but, in fact, behind the scenes it could be compared to a pit stop during a Formula 1 race.

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