Voicing the Greats through Simultaneous Interpreting

interpreter and interpreting

This autumn, Nordic Business Forum brings together under one roof around 7500 visitors from over 40 different countries. Delingua has been the interpreting partner for the conference for quite some time and, over the years, our interpreters have interpreted some real global stars. But what is it like to interpret for them?

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Interpreting during the EU Presidency

interpreter and interpreting

Finland’s third EU Presidency began on 1 July 2019. For Finns, the most visible signs of the EU Presidency might be the various informal ministerial meetings and other events and occasions. One of the EU’s fundamental principles is multilingualism and, as a result, the EU Presidency, which rotates among the EU Member States every six months in a certain order, means an increased workload for language professionals, too.

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Interpreter to the presidents

interpreter and interpreting

A high-level delegation from South Korea arrived in Finland in June to take part in the networking event Korea-Finland Startup Summit 2019. The delegation included South Korean officials, such as the president Moon Jae-in, start-ups, large companies and investors. Delingua had the pleasure of organising the interpreting for the event, and our Korean-English interpreter Eun-Kyeong Ko was present to interpret for both the South Korean and Finnish presidents. We interviewed Eun-Kyeong and we asked her what it was like to provide interpreting at such a high political level.

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How to Small Talk – Five Tips for Finns

trainer and language training

You just heard from your boss that you’ve been chosen to attend an international meeting in Madrid. You’re immediately flattered and excited for the opportunity. After the initial excitement passes, however, you start to think about it a bit more. A slight fear starts to creep in. You begin to realize that, while there, you must have conversations with people you barely know about unimportant topics. You must be polite and social though you know you won’t feel like being either. In short, you must learn to do the thing that Finns dread most: You must learn how to small talk.

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The fastest translation agency in the pit lane

language technology, translator and translating

A few years ago, I was at a conference where project management in translation agencies was being discussed. You know, what steps take place in a translation agency from receiving a source text to the delivery of the final translation. The service process may appear simple but, in fact, behind the scenes it could be compared to a pit stop during a Formula 1 race.

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Let’s keep up the good work!

translation agency, customer experience

Once again, it’s that time of year when we make plans for the future, take stock of our successes this year and review where we have room for improvement in the year to come. In addition to our daily requests for feedback on translations, interpreting and language training, every year in November, we carry out an extensive feedback survey and compare the results with previous years. I would like to thank everyone who responded to our survey for their valuable feedback.

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Frequently asked questions about translation and language services

translation, translation agency

Our translation service handles tens of thousands of translation orders a year, therefore we also receive many questions that we are always happy to answer. We have collected together for your benefit the most frequently asked questions about translation and language services.

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Language? But of Course!

kielikoutsicrew, language training

Picture this: you feel your language skills are not up to par, yet once more you need to get back down to the old grind and utilize a second language in your work. Sound at all familiar?

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Five tips for improving your language skills

language training

Just knowing English won’t take you far these days as everyone is expected to know how to speak it. English has achieved the status of a lingua franca and it is often regarded as a civil skill, much in the same way as using the internet. It’s therefore not very difficult to justify why it’s worthwhile having versatile language skills and developing those skills further. Having a second language in your back pocket is a real advantage. For example, it will help you stand out in the job market. It increases your professional options and opens new doors in searching for information. However,...

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Surprise translation assignment from Eurovision participants

translation agency, translator and translating

Delingua has received an unexpected translation assignment from three of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest participants. Translation and language services agency Delingua was approached this week by representatives of Serbia, Portugal and Greece, who all fear the choice of language for their songs will affect their chances of success.

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